SES  2015

Theme: Future of Software Engineering

IEEE Software magazine offers pioneering ideas, expert analyses, and thoughtful insights for software professionals who need to keep up with rapid technology change. We are the authority on translating software theory into practice. Our annual Software Expert Summit (SES) event showcases thought leaders associated with the magazine or part of the local software community, who are helping to define the future of software engineering during a day of presentations, panel discussions, and networking.

Our theme this year is “Future of Software Engineering” and we’ll be featuring a variety of speakers to cover the latest important technologies that are transforming our field. Our goal is to provide attendees with the information and resources to ride the wave of the latest changes in software engineering and keep up to date with the tools they need as practicing software engineers.

The venue for this year’s Software Experts Summit, Beijing, China could not be more appropriate. China, being one of the fastest growing countries and home to a vibrant and vital software development community, Beijing is one of the epicenters of the ongoing software revolution.

In addition to discussing specific technologies, this year’s speakers and panelists will look at what it means to be developing software for the future. What new domains and technologies are we going to be building software on? What challenges are we going to face? How to build software for the future that can be scaled up and be adaptable?

General Chair

Evelyn Tian
Advisory Board Member of IEEE Software
Ericsson Communications Inc.

SES Agenda

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